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Liberian Teacher Mission


WHO :: Teachers at Bishop Jones Christian Academy in Monrovia, Liberia. The school employs at least 20 teachers and staff at $100 each a month and provides classes for about 300 students from preschool through 10th grade.


WHAT :: A monthly sponsorship program that allows families, congregations, and communities in the United States to come alongside Bishop Jones Christian Academy. A good education can lead to a better job and eventually greater influence on society. This sponsorship affects more than just one life and helps ensure the continued operation of BJCA and its investment in a small country on the west coast of Africa. Monthly donations of $100 provide a living wage for a Christian teacher or staff member. Smaller monthly donations are also appreciated and will go toward partial sponsorships.


WHEN :: Beginning when you’re ready and continuing each month as long as the school exists and you’re able to continue supporting it.


WHERE :: Liberia. In 1820, the United States formed this county when it settled freed African-American slaves there instead of back to their various countries of origin. The Liberians created a flag, constitution and modeled their government after America, even naming their capital, Monrovia, after American President James Monroe. In 1990, civil war erupted in Liberia and lasted for 14 years, leaving thousands of children orphaned and any families still intact struggling to survive. Most recently, Ebola left more destruction, homelessness, orphans, and families reeling.


HOW :: With tax-deductible donations, you can be part of sponsoring teachers and staff who are committed to providing a Christian education to the children of Liberia. These donations can be paid via check to Liberian Teacher Mission, c/o Christian Community Church, 1201 S. 16th St., Murray, KY 42071. You’ll receive email updates about the school and its teachers and staff.


WHY ::In 2012, BJCA unexpectedly lost private funding leaving the school in a precarious situation. BJCA viewed a Christian education as vital in the children and future of Liberia. When funding was lost, the opportunity was presented for Christian Community Church to make a commitment to come alongside the school, initially supporting 15 teachers and staff with the intention of broadening the support after ensuring the school was stable and productive again.

The Joneses

Christian Community Church in Murray, Kentucky, made first contact with Liberia in 2006 when two members of the congregation spent two weeks at an orphanage there. Two families ended up adopting children from Liberia and the congregation continued pursuing connections there. Eventually, CCC invited Bishop Emmanuel Jones, who was a street orphan himself during Liberian civil war, to speak to the congregation while he visited the USA. Bishop Jones and his wife, Ramona, currently serve as pastor, school administrator and orphanage directors.

CCC’s first project in Liberia was providing funds for a well for Master’s Home of Champions – an orphanage and school Jones founded and operates. Another orphanage in another town later opened, also including a school for orphans and other neighboring children. Bishop Jones Christian Academy became a third, separate school.


In 2009, Lifesong for Orphans has worked alongside the Joneses to provide support and stability to their orphanages, including a new one for Eboli orphans.