1201 South 16th St.
Murray, KY 42071
(270) 759-4404
A friendly, family-oriented non-denominational church in Murray, Kentucky

About CCC

Our goal is to see believers nurtured by agape love in small fellowship groups called cell groups which meet weekly in homes.  This is balanced by dynamic worship and solid food from God's word at our Sunday morning worship services, so that each believer may grow and be equipped to lead others to Christ.

Our History

Christian Community Church was started in August 1981 by a group of families from various Church backgrounds. These families worshipped for a time with Murray Christian Fellowship, a campus ministry at Murray State University sponsored by area Christian churches. As a result of God's calling, they joined with others to unite as a church concentrating on family ministry.

During the first year, the church met in the home of the Guins. Our organization was formalized by incorporating in 1982. The second year was spent at Murray Middle School until the purchase of our current facility in November 1983. By this time, 28 families were attending CCC. These included: Armstrong, Bates, Brines, Call, Fairbanks, Fisher, Fuson, Green, Greer, Guin, Hahn, Johnson, Knox, Mangold, McGary, McKenzie, Rabadi, Ramsey, Reinhardt, Rice, Sparks, Stuart, Taylor, Thorton, Timmons, West, Wortham, and Wuest.

From inception to 1994, our church was elder led. In 1994, CCC elected pastors from among the eldership to provide greater leadership. In 1996, CCC was led to become a cell-based church. Small groups became "cells" with a vision to edify each member and grow to a point of multiplication. The new auditorium was constructed, largely with volunteer labor, in 2003-2005.  In 2013 Jim Stuart retired as pastor, and at this point the church is again led by the board of elders.

Statement of Doctrines (adopted July 1982)

We believe that...

1. God is our Creator, eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has revealed Himself to mankind in His Creation; in His inspired word the Bible; and in the Person of Jesus Christ.

2. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are inspired by God and are God's supreme and final authority in faith and life. From the Scriptures we have our basis for all beliefs and actions.

3. Man was created in the image of God, but has sinned and fallen from his relationship with God. All human beings are born with a sinful nature and freedom of choice, and those that reach the age of accountability become sinners in thought and in deed.

4. Jesus Christ is God's Son, begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, and is true God and true Man. He lived a perfect life as an example for us. He was crucified for our sins as a representative and substitutionary sacrifice, but arose back to life on the third day so that we might believe, and in believing have life. He has ascended into heaven, serving now as our High Priest and Advocate, and will personally return to establish His eternal Kingdom.

5. Salvation is God's gift to Man through Jesus, a gift we accept by faith. Faith is belief that produces obedience. Scripture teaches us to show our faith by repenting of our sins, confessing Him before others, being baptized (immersed in water), and by making Jesus Lord of our lives.

6. All who accept God's gift of salvation are born of the Holy Spirit, and thereby become children of God. The Spirit of God is our Counselor in our new life, teaching us, convicting us of sin, filling us and bringing the power in our lives to live out the Christian life.

7. There will be a bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust and a time of judgment by God. Those that are saved have the promise of eternal  blessedness and joy; those that are lost are promised eternal suffering and punishment.

8. The Church is the body of believers in Jesus, responsible to carry on the ministry of bringing others to Him, to teach His word, and to love and serve one another. The Church's local organization, teachings, and ordinances are to be based on the teaching and example of Jesus and the Apostles.