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Cell Groups

The Bible shows the Christian life as a life lived in a community of faith. We want to be the hands of Christ in our families and in the world around us, wherever God puts us. We also want to know and share Christ's love within our own church! A real sense of community is what we are after.

What is a Cell Group?

Cell groups are small fellowship groups where it's a little easier to know and be known more deeply than a large worship service permits. In small groups it can be easier to be real with people, grapple with a question that's bothering you, share life's joys and struggles, and help one another to apply Biblical truth to life's real situations. Snacks, worship and praying and laughing together are also part of most small group meetings.

Why is it called a "Cell Group?

Biologically a cell is a living building block of a larger organism. In a similar way, cell groups compose our church and help meet the goal of nurturing people and meeting needs.

How does one find a cell group to attend?

You are welcome to begin attending a cell. Talk to any of the cell leaders or Jim Stuart for more information on connecting with a cell group!

  • Fairbanks Cell--6:30 Wednesday nights
  • Green Cell--5:00 Sunday nights
  • Call Cell--6:30 Wednesday nights
  • Pennington Cell--6:30 Monday nights
  • McKenzie/Kerrick Cell--5:30 Thursday nights
  • Youth group (ages 11 and up)--7:00 Wednesday nights